The always swirling world of design is exciting… but sometimes overwhelming. When it come to decorating your home the endless options can discourage you from ever getting started. As an Interior Designer we typically don’t start with a completely blank space. Our homes have layers of things we’ve collected that reflect a history, in the heirlooms we’ve acquired, of the pictures and art on our walls, of souvenirs of special vacations, of color and fabrics that make us happy. Your home is a personal expression of comfort. It is the beautiful backdrop for entertaining, holidays and special occasions. The trick is to know when to edit(throw out or donate) our possessions and when they can be recovered or repurposed to enjoy for many more years. I’ll share what I love and what I’ve learned. Posts will be as diverse as the world of design is-some time practical some times outrageous. our posts will be insight to trends, products, materials, DIYs and tips to pull it all together. My hope is that this blog inspires you to think outside the box!  

Is This Your Style?

    Boho  The word Bohemian comes from the French word for gypsy noun bo·ho \ˈbō-hō\ vintage-a little hippiesh-colorful-folk inspired-tribal-opposite of minimalism! This style is for you if you are a free spirit and don’t like following the rules. You are a creative soul, artistic and live an unconventional life. IT’S WHIMSICAL! Cover your walls with your favorite items, fill surfaces with textiles and color. Layer, layer and layer again!                     Fabrics are organic, colorful and folk inspired Accessories: eclectic, playful, vintage goods and there are always plants Rugs: colorful, ethnic, eye-catching       TRIBAL     Mixed metals, Moroccan details, tribal, suzani, woven items   Rugs are woven, earth-toned and deep hues   FURNITURE Furniture that integrates well with the boho style of decorating are simple, modern pieces , vintage and reclaimed pieces, patchwork upholstery and furniture in bold hues.   Not Your Style…. Next Week’s BLOG will be all about TRANSITIONAL style!